For the last 40 years, the question “Do you have a Gerlinde?” has served as the selling point for returning and new clients. The quality and creativity associated with all portraits produced by our staff has sustained the legacy that was built by Gerlinde Hopkins and her family.

One question our staff gets asked more than any other is, “Why should someone choose a professional photographer to capture the most important occasions in your life?”

When it comes to professional photographers, our craft is using light to paint a portrait of art. In addition to getting the lighting just perfect, our photographers also design a set from scratch to compliment any situation that is desired.

Creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere is key to taking the pressure off the client, who in most cases has never had their portrait taken. Allowing for adequate time in the studio helps to create that environment, which is why we allow for 30 to 60 minutes in the studio.

In addition to having years of experience, we recommend clients using photographers that are certified by a professional organization or association. In addition to Gerlinde, her son Michael and long-time senior photographer Joseph Gallagher are all certified by the Professional Photographers Association (PPA).

This certification requires all photographers to have continuing education in order to gain experience in the newest techniques and technology. To keep the certification, photographers are held to a higher level of standard in the area of conduct and business practices.

If you haven’t taken advantage of setting up your first portrait session, now’s the time to do so. Let us answer the questions, “Do you have a Gerlinde?”