Capturing the best portrait takes skill and patience. One of the best ways to assist the photographer is to be as prepared as possible when it comes time for your appointment. Below is a compilation our photographers’ top tips that each client should consider for their next portrait session.


Females should keep their make-up natural-looking for normal daytime activities. Keep in mind that make-up that you might wear for night-time may look too heavy and un-natural. Guys should shave within an hour or two of your appointment, but please be careful to not sustain cuts or nicks. A five-o’clock shadow cannot be removed and all hairs/whiskers will be seen on camera. Blemishes may show on originals, but our retouching will minimize them on your finished portraits.


Wear your hair in your usual style. If you want to experiment with a new style, don’t pick the day of your appointment to do so. Allow three days after a haircut for a more natural look.

Outfit options

Bring one-to-two changes of clothing that best reflect your personality. Make sure to try on your outfits before you come to make sure you are comfortable with your choices. Be sure that your clothes are neat and pressed. It’s best to bring your clothing on hangers and/or in a garment bag. If you are taking family portraits, we recommend that outfits have a common color theme.


If you’re looking to capture a specific type of pose, talk about it with the photographer prior to the appointment so that we can accommodate. Know what poses you’re comfortable with and which ones you are not, and always be sure to talk to the photographer.


If there are any specific props that you want included, make sure to discuss that with the photographer in advance to make sure we can accommodate.

Arrive early

Arriving early for your appointment will ease any stress that you may experience. This added time allows for you to get dressed, dress your children if they will also be in the shot, and also take care of any last minute touch-ups to make-up and hair.

Have a plan

Know what you want to use the finished portraits for so that your appointment captures all the photos that you will need. For example, if the photos are to be used for Holiday cards. Also, be sure to keep the photographer in the loop of what your plans are so we can make sure you get what you want.

Have FUN!

The most important thing in a portrait session is to have fun. Enjoy the special moment and let our photographers take the lead. Following his/her direction will help in making the session stress-free.