From a blog by Dale Laboratories

Here are a few good reasons why printing makes sense.

No. 1 – Your Family’s Pictures Need Life Insurance

Imagine how you’d feel if one day you checked your computer or cell phone and all the pictures you’d taken of your family were gone.

It’s a fact. Hard drives crash. Cell phones are lost or replaced. Cloud uploads turn out to be low-res files that aren’t of much use. This happens a lot more often than you would think!

The solution? A lab-quality 4″ x 6″ print (25¢) on Kodak photo paper will last for 100 years. The print you make today will be one your children can show to their grandchildren. Prints are the only sure photo insurance you can buy.

No. 2 – A Screen Image Is Not A Work of Art

Suppose you’ve visited the Louvre in Paris. You’ve paid admission to see the Mona Lisa and waited in a long line.

When you finally get to the front of the crowd there’s a video screen of Leonardo’s masterpiece instead of the actual painting!

Snapshots are fine on a cell phone. But, your best pictures should be printed for you and others to view and enjoy.

We can make you prints from wallet sized to 30″ x 40″ on photographic paper, canvas, fine art media, or metal.

No. 3 – The Most Important Events of Your Life Should to Be Printed

Do you have a wedding or other life event on a DVD? Lot’s of people do.

It’s not a good idea to entrust your images to a plastic disc for the long haul. Why? DVDs are not totally archival.

We recommend you make a printed photo album or book on archival Kodak photo paper as soon as possible. Contact your professional photographer to have him or her design a photo album for you.

No. 4 – Digital Formats Are Here Today But Gone Tomorrow

Back in the ’90s we made thousands of floppy discs like this one to digitally archive our clients’ images.

Floppy drives on computers are long gone. So, many of people can’t open their floppies today. Prints & enlargements will always be readable no matter how technology changes.

Did you know that we have our own in-house printer? Call us today at (954) 961-4450 to see how we can help print some of your favorite photos.