You trust your health to a board-certified doctor, so why not trust your photo needs to a Certified Professional Photographer.

Gerlinde Photography specializes in aerial photography, annual meetings, architecture, brochure advertising conventions, corporate portraits, product display and publicity photos.

Our services are not limited to our studio. Our photographers can travel to your office or place of business.

We offer business and executive portraits to convey a successful organization. Our portraits are ideal for business cards, company publications and websites, news releases, advertisements, wall displays and more.

A visual image is the fastest way to communicate a message. More businesses are making use of photography’s visual impact to communicate their message to clients. Photographic subjects may include museums, art galleries, churches, historical buildings, architectural locales, drawings, paintings, and sculpture, architecture, interior photography and more.

Session Length

All in-studio portrait sessions are scheduled for up to an hour. If more time is needed, additional fees might be applied.


All of our portraits are professionally retouched by our graphic artists. Retouching includes whitening the teeth, evening the skin tones and brightening the eyes. If extensive retouching is required, additional fees may be applied.

Book With Us Today

If you’re interested in our Commercial Photography services, call (954) 961-4450 to schedule an appointment, book our services for your event and find out more about pricing.

Real Estate

About Real Estate Photography

Need the perfect photograph to showcase your building or house? Our photographers can capture the perfect image that will meet all of your needs. From real estate brochures to company websites, having the perfect photo that tells your story is so important.

Headshots/Model Composites

About Headshots/Model Composites

Need professional headshots for business cards or for you website? Let our photographers capture your best image by coming into our studio for a professional headshot session.

If you’re looking to update your portfolio to land that perfect modeling job, look no further. With a Gerlinde Model Composite, you’re sure to put your best face forward. Our photographers are on the forefront of capturing the latest styles and trends. Call us to schedule your appointment today.

Conferences/Corporate Events

About Conference/Event Photography

Need someone to take photos at your conference or upcoming business event? Look no further as our photographers have extensive experience in capturing the perfect shots. From conferences with over 2,000 people to small and intimate business retreats of 20 or less, our photographers know how to get the best shots.

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